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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough. hi, everybody, welcome to 5@6:30 6789 we came up with the nameme that way. ten days in counting, still a long way to go. contention today. you see it on the run down. we want to know what you're talking about tonight so use the #5@6:30 so let's get right to it let's deal with the fa
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actually voted on. do you agree with the president elect, the united states can or should deny entry to all members of a particular religion? well, you didn't see jeff sessions. you didn't see him head on, butt there is as the president of president elect cabinet nominees. we were talking about became jeff sessions. niles from the is here. i'm -- thank you. i'm glad your let's just start, the republicans seemed like they were trying to be very protective of judicial sessionsi the democrats wanted to get himt on the record and go over his record. was there anything that jumped out of you today. >> one of the interesting things was jeff sessions distanced himself from some of presidented elect trump's proposals. the session that you just
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played, he said that people of any religion should be barred from entry into the united states. he also talked about water boring being clearly illegal under his view. water boarding is something that donald trump autisms hasru expressed. a lot of things has been made about things jeff sessions has done many years ago when he was back foray pointment in 1985 which didn't go anywhere. people can change their views.. people can change in 30 years. do those statements bear any meaning when these senators comt time to vote for him. for democrats, in particular, the statements that we'ree referring to here are statements that are at best racially insensitive that came up and ultimately denied jeff sessions a judgeship in the 198 20s.e 19 i'm talking allegedly about a white attorney being a
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for his race, representing black people in essence in civil rights cases. jeff sessions denies the remarks. he's bench more forceful in denying them than he was in the 1980s and i think it is unlikeli to derail his nomination. we know the naacp have been vocal, we know corey bookerr testified with against him.m. what did he have to say? i know he's upset about some of the comments he's made in the past.. what did they hear from him today.toda >> we're hearing a lot about session's record not just about the remarks that we are talkingn about here, his voting rights, certainly back in his days as a us attorney in alabama was involved in some deeply contentious cases in that regard. i also think there's a divisionisio between most democrat senators and what we might call
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test community. com activist much less to be won over. > a live look inside the hearing. you see senatorial frank and after being elected and reelected it's still weird to say. he has been grilling jeff session itself.een theraressio a lot of confirmatis to come so i'm sure we'll talk to you again soon. >> thanks for coming in. > while senator jeff sessions was not the only one in the who the seat. tom fitzgerald live with more on that part of the story from them hill. what's the deal with kelly. n are we going to see these contentious hearings for kellyor that we're seeing for jeff sessions? >>reporter: yes. but kelly's hearing was a little different today because one of the things that has been theen hallmark of the homelandomel security committee almost since it was created after 9/1 that there is a more
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senate committee hearing.ring that appeared to be the case for the most part today, but theret was a mirror of what we saw in session' questioning today.. putting these nominees on the spot up against these things donald trumpth said and what cae into focus very clearly withly general kelly's questioning was this question about the wall. now, almost from the get go that was one of the very first thingi donald trump said he was goingws to do if he was electedd president. he was going to build this wall and mexico was going to pay for it. both sides agree we have an immigration problem in this country. and remember, in 2009 to 2015015 the obama administration itself has deported 2.5 million people. so the problem is not in question. what is in question is how to deal it general kelly today made it very clear, he is supporting this idea to build this wall.ll. now, yes, we already know that
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bankments in place along the us,/mexico border. kelly went further and described what this would like. as a forme marine general hee said what hemari knows that phya barriers themselves alone can'tt do the job. he made it very clear. he has a vision already of whato this is going to look like.e. listen to what he says.ys. >> a physical barrier in and ofd itself certainly as a military person that understands defenses and defenses, a physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job. it has to be really a layered defense. if you were to build a wall fror the pacific to the golf of mexico you'd still have to back that wall up by patrolling, human beings, by sensors, by observation devices. now, the thought being here is if they do go ahead and do thiss that it cannot just be one thing or the other. there is a
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be a significant increase in the budget for the department of the homeland security.rity this wall would have to be patrolled.trol there would be border security along the wall to make sure thae where it is intact it is protected. so it is not just one wall thatl general kelly was talking about today. this is a significant up tick in what weigh do along us/mexico border. so far it is unclear who is going to pay for all of now there is this talk that mexico will have to reimburse the united states and that's nos exactly what was said on the campaign trail. > so stay tuned. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. the perspective now is how homeland security is this came about after 9 #/11. the focus was on fighting terror. obviously border security falls under the pursue that's going to be the big und
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taking. > we know president obama is o saying goodbye after eight years in the oval office and tonight he gets a chance to look back on his accomplishments. austin ceo for action for america. thanks so much for being here. thank you for having me. when asked exactly what the speech was about, paper's aid valerie garret said it's in the a victory lap speech, his intention is to want to motivate people. what are you hearing tonight.ou >> i think even hea what we've n in his last inaugeral address he talked about how he was able to motivate the democracy, so manyn citizens that we haven't seen ii the past.e any time you can corral the grass booths base and tell them to get involved that change does happen and is inspired.pi that's electric for the country. i they he did a phenomenal jobob of dog that.of d his forecast will help them to stay engaged
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years and not to lose hope. when you talk about inspiring the grass roots i think back tok bill clinton's, george bush, i believe both done at the white house. certainly not in front of a large crowd of people. the optics in front of a group of people. people are paying thousands of dollars. that's going to be a different perspective. that's exactly right.t. this is so unorthodox in which i he's deciding to say his last farewell address in his home city. that's so important.orta this president has been so unapologetic in his viewpoints, in his policy perspective andrse that bold type of leadership is soggy think people will appreciate. you think that ever sincece president elect trump has been elected presidentrobama has been careful and talk about the smooth transition, this smooth
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transition of power.r. do you think tonight we'll hearr him talk about donald trump. i'm not sure. what we have is a president whod is not afraid to say what's on his mind. now that he's leaving the ovalal office he he'll be able to say we want to welcome the next president. but i think there's some hugeme can differences between type ofo leaders that they are and those differences will be clear in the trump administration as well. > president obama's speech expected to last 30 minutes tonight. you can catch right here at 9:00 p.m. bones will be shown in its entire and then stay n tune for fox5 news at 10 and fox5 news at 11 believe we have some freezing alerts. >> it's an advisory. it's for a short amount of time. it only goes until one in the
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spanned. here's the problem, we've got some rain come in. the district came above 32-degrees. advisory.visohe parts of montgomery county,y, fairfax, you're not in the advisory. some of the colder spots we have to keep an eye on the roads for the next short amount of time because they could be compromised if one of them is unsalted. i certainly saw you plenty of salt on the steps. it could produce some light icing here and there. this threat is mostly north and west. we likely will see the rain outn of here before the morninge commute starts tomorrow and we also believe that the th temperature will be but it doesn't take much to cause problems which is why it's wise to put out the advisory. temperatures are going to be steady if not rising overnightrg as the rain comes in and most of the rain gone by so it will be a dryer and above freezing commute for youommu tomorrow imo just wanted to give you anu idea of the temperatures. it should be getting a little gt bit warmer. we should head for about
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53-degrees. 48 foration town. today is thed first time in about 94 or 95 hours that the district has come above freezing as well. we'll keep an eye on everythingn and we'll certainly be for youu here later tonight to let you know whatter woo ' seeing on the roads. > the folks over at jambs have come up with a creative way to say goodbye to president obama. guess what we're going to do tonight. >> we're going to paint.t. we're going to work together on this. stick around to see our master piece.
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own private tour. we are with bill thomas.thom now we're in calarama. we are in calarama/embassy row.. this is where barack obama is going to be living. it's the beverly hills of washington, d.c.d.c. it's even better. maybe bell air.r. it's the malibu without water.e. not we have not just barack obama and his family we alsoalso have ivanka coming here. tell me a little bit about the appeal. well, it's expensive to livelive here. it's not cheap. obama is renting his thousands for $22,000 a month. i can't match it. ivanka's house is 5.5 million. they're buying, obama is
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inaugeration, but obviously this election it's a little bit different. some people of course would say that the democrats were looking for an excuse for the loss and some might say something else, but the russian government played a role to some extent in the aftermath at least of thef presidential election. it seemed like the campaign never p stopped. but the russian embassy is notis far from where we are right now. we just went past the british embassy.em the second largest is the british, the first is the russian. speaking of espionage, washington probably has more spies per square-foot than any capital in the world. shawn and jim we've been having an awesome night. just getting some insight beyon the sites that you normallyyo think of.
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> i think i want to mary >> i'm already mary. > president obama took a break from his, well, his final duties as president last weekend. he wad a groomsman in the wedding of his personal aid. he married in florida on saturday. the president wasn't the only big name. account s of state john kerry was the owe figures affiant.ures > do you take this -- john kerry married them and president obama, he's number two. he wasn't th
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not his best friend.end. > i'm saying, he is the president. > i probably would have made him my best man. > actresses, amy schumer, arere scar lot johan senator sessions and then sky anda, will lead a sister march in parts of utah. more than 150 solve dry marchs around the world.he also planning to attend katie perry and shear will be joining that march as well. we'll keep an eye on that as well as all other protests going on during the time of the inaugeration. > in the meantime we're stillll painting here. when we come back you guys will check out our master piece here. .
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> owe, my gosh. we are still painting our master pieces here. the folks from are jambs are here. they have a special goodbye owe bam a. jim and i are trying our hand at this. thanks so much for joining us. thanks for having us. > tell us a little bit aboute i this class.ass. we're having a farewell obamaama class, you know, that he's leaving.le we live in d.c. so we thought it would be really fun. it was actually chelsea's idea to have this farewell obama. where is your studio. >> we have three studios. situations like this where you have this high profile
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event, a lot of people are sad to see him go, a lot of peopleof are happy to see him go. nonetheless it breeds a lot ofao activity. there are a lot of people thatpeop are sad and they just want too paint and maybe people are celebrating. in all fairness, tells us what happens in the class because we're not exactly free handinghd it. we have a little stencil thattht we're cheating with. i was reprimanded before we went on the air.r. tell us what happens. >> we actually work on the background a little bit. we teach people to work on thehe background, whatever color they want. red, white and blue works obviously and then we'll create -- chelsea creates these awesome stencils. let's try the great big reveal. how much does this cost to comem in
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our classes range anywhere from 30 to $40. you didn't think it looked good. why are we not having welcomeelo trump class and i said we didn't have a welcome obama class.clas some people will be looking forward to the farewell trump class maybe in four years or eight years. you guys all have different kinds of classes. you can drink wine. >> yes, we call it liquid inspiration. we have wine and beer. you guys are hav looking at my painting. that's so good, shawn. > thank you.u. you guys didn't wear your fake mustaches. you need that for the artistic inspiration. our studios are like living,ving breathing art studios/how longs. you can come in
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great music. we have local artists that helpt you create and pain. we give you all the material ane wine and beer and listen tosten music. it's pretty simple. for folks who might want to come out and take part in the farewell obama how do they findy out about it. art jamz. it looks a little bit like lieu edgy. this is one size canvas, do you offer different canvass. >> from the minute i to theo extra large.rge. you can actually share a conon vast which is an advanced couple move. there's so many different places that are doing this, but it's a great leisurely activity as
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things out there. you look like you have a showero cap on. something else to talk about; is that right? >> just a reminder as we leave here, as we finish our artworkor you can watch president obama's farewell address at 9:00 p.m. followed by fox5 news at 10 and1 th0e news at bones will be aired in its entirety. > we gotcha covered, all angels. that hurt a little bit taking it off, but nonetheless. you look fabulous in your shower > it's something like that. last, about but not least how dw we finish this up? oncece somebody is there and we've done our artwork and taken off the stencil. you need to sign it. what do you want me to sign it with? >> i think you should do a thumb print. i'm all about that. jim, you get we like to get messy at art
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jamz. now we can track you wherever you go.go. we'll get markers and we'll do' it later. see you tonight at 10. good p night, everybody.
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announcer: today on "tmz." harvey: admittedly, it's only eight seconds but we got megyn kelly and lara spencer at j.f.k. baggage claim. >> things are awkward. they don't make eye contact and they're not talking to each other. kelly: lara spencer works on abc and megyn kelly will work on nbc. harvey: there's a war between abc and nbc. >> so if matt lauer and george step-a-whatever, saw each other at the airport, would we expect them to talk? harvey: no, they're guys. [laughter] >> we got tom hardy who starts talking about dogs. kelly: he's a huge dog person. >> if dogs had thumbs, we'd all be -- harvey: if dogs could start picking things up. >> what could they do? they're not making decisions. huh, maybe i'll make dinner before the owner comes home. surprise him with a little bit of salmon. harvey: i'm not saying making salmon but it could be a more


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